You the Sun, you warm the stones
you warm the water
you heat my face
You the Breeze, you sip at my ear
You Leaves tumble and crackle
You Bricks lie sleeping
You Red Berries are pregnant on the bush
You Humans dance
Dance, I say!
with the boughs that tremble, though they are not shy
with the speckled bark and the faint calling of the small brown bird
Paint upon the canvas of the sky, with its milky clouds
Yell and wail upon the mountain,
lost as it is in dark green thought, stippled and proud
The water whispers and burbles, “We love you, you belong to us…”
like caterpillar footprints, endless and invisible

Who are you? Who am I?
When the spotted fawn, and when the ladybug?
The trees are washed with tender sorrow
for in a century, or a day, they will be no more
The Sun is rationed, and I am out of coupons and pennies
Why are you only for the Others?
The bee buzzes at my door, curious and alert
The antlers of the deer rest upon the fireplace mantle
and not upon his head