sun-kissed dew
heavy raindrops
how many flavors of water?
of Love?
learning the steady
lay the baby on your bare chest
steady kindness
container of safety
of adoration
for your troubled Soul
for your beat-up Heart

I am so sorry
for what hurts
I have hands all over my body
hands with wings
with eyes
holding me
whispering Prayers of hope
songs of Yes

I never knew the best protection
was to take it in
let the river of my body
carry it to the sea
let the cauldron of my heart
incinerate it into stardust
human sacrifice
but not martyrdom
an offering of my life
which does not end it
but elevates it

I am one with the Sisters
just a custodian in the temple
with my candles and broom
simple robes that cover
the jeweled and hennaed skin
until it is time to give thanks
then the chorus lets loose
it is time for dancing
bring me my sitar
I will not hold back
my happiness

the anger
the aversion
yours and mine
are finally freed
into the Magic Love Potion
of me

delicate mercy
the choice is yours
it might be too much to ask
to release to the Feminine
what is against her
yet the golden nugget
is complete enfoldment
unsullied remembrance
of Belonging
into dirt
into flesh
into buttercups
into heavy woolen blankets
that scratch your skin
and warm your soul

Bless the Lover
the sweat on his skin
Bless the Consort
Dakini Dancer
steady footsteps between the crumbled bones
in the charnal ground
yet Unmoved
tender fury
Ghost Destroyer