help me wake up
from the opium dream

so much pleasure
of skin
and liquid
yet somehow
like it took place
in the dim light
of the secret opium den

with a beautiful ghost
that you long for
in every way
in every cell
of your body
and every neuronal synapse
in your brain

and then he’s gone
after slaughtering the Innocent Lamb
of your Holy Visions
leaving you
in a shaking detox
from the drug

whether it actually happened
and why he doesn’t love you
whether you’ll go
completely mad
and whether you will survive
until the morning

to evade
the sucking catfish
at the bottom of the lake
to crawl to safety
into the dark blue Love Nest
of the Luminous Ones
from the subterranean
Halls of Light
beneath the sacred hilltop
of the Tor of Avalon