is it a leopard-patterned print
or a white surgical mask
that covers
the nose and mouth?
is it a tall sombrero
or a straw sunhat
in beige and black
that covers
the top of the head?

crown of stars
convenient place
to drop
a golden egg
a golden orb of Nectar

or you might be kissed
by the blossoming lotuses
from within
variations of purple
rich amethyst
subtle shades of
in seven crystalline centers

violet ray
of the Twin-Flame-Union
made up from
the white OM
the red AH
the blue HUM
that the guru showed me

long black hair
cannot disguise
my Beloved’s form
lotus feet
exploding star
in the center
of His Heart
my Heart

Dense Array
of pristine thought-forms
that step aside
for the moment
the portal
of daylight Sun Beings
a balanced pair
of lightning polarity
the one clean-shaven
the other in dressings
of pink light

I concede
I surrender
to the bliss
of the Light
if you hold me
how difficult
to let go to it
without the Embrace

my Precious Ones
of the night
in flavors of blue
mostly dark
though luminescent
my Mother-Father
who adore me
and look after me
without question
without limitation
they pour their Love
through the vessel
of my insides

blinding light
in my mind
though that cavern
is black as pitch
aching surrender
of my Heart
the made-up stories
the files of awfulness
the suffering structures
that I tried to hang
my dreams upon

they wrap my body
inside themselves
in that lapis light
a Union
so complete
I cannot find myself
In the end