Ritual and Ceremony – Divine Feminine Medicine

before a holy altar of Earth beings, Luminous Ones and Ancient Ones,

within the four directions,

your Inner Temple,

a sacred circle of Stone People,

and the Mandala of the Buddhas of the Ten Directions,

together we make a Prayer for your Life…

we use our own voices to tone and sing,

the Jaguar snarls

the Reindeer tramples

whatever is ready to be released…

with candlelight and starlight,

rosewater and Palo Santo,

and the help of the Elementals,

I guide you into the Medicine of your own True Essence

to receive the Answers to your Prayers

Ritual and Ceremony is available for an individual, a couple, or a small group by zoom or phone, or in person in Marin County, CA

my Grandmothers call me

my Grandmothers call me…
Granddaughter, where are you?
your meal is prepared
your Prayers are answered
don’t believe the loneliness
your bed is ready
a patterned woolen blanket
a warm place by the fire
our strong ageless hands
to stroke your hair
we are waiting
to Bless you
to take you in completely
into our Love
into your own
Invincible Innocent Heart