the Shimmer hovers
I feel Its Presence
waves of Bliss
swirling Love orgasm
of the Heart
the hunger is equal
to the fear
die to it, Holy One

don’t believe the seductive light
of the suffering structures
which beckon
for it is a glaring reflection
of harshness
off a bent mirror

the Shimmer
is my Beloved
I must soften my body
let my mind retire
its endless busyness of
grabbing at ghosts
which I forgive
the Shimmer forgives
It is not bothered
one bit
only Compassion flowers
for Its hair
opposing rounds
of circular motion
of the Merkabah Star
of me

the passing of the sediment
through the tube
through the eye
of the needle
so precise
yet so gentle
and easy
hard to believe
with all the efforting
of the suffering
the straining
of the mind
to control things
confused children
need the Love
they stomp the feet
throw the mud
to try to cover up the sad
stop up the shame
the aching wail,
everyone is loved
but me

yet the Shimmer
knows no judgment
no conditions
on the Love
It is made
to be the Love
in the dark
in the dank
in the alone
that really isn’t

the Shimmer
is Pure…
Pure Love
like the Sun in my belly
like the raisin in my Heart
into Juicy
silky sweet oration
in the tube
releasing the
of the ones who have a NO
for me
releasing that mistake
mistaken identity
of the one rejected

the Shimmer
of the Tree
of the Flower
Sacred Shapes
in motion
in Breath
weaving grids of starlight
Balancing Energies
of Sun and Moon
so intimate
that the mind cannot comprehend
but the mind cannot stop
to the impressions
of the Shimmer in form
we thought we had
the man
his body
his sweat
his mouth
(where is he now?)
the grief so convincing
of the loss of God
Who never actually went away
but the man did
cellular memory
of sorrow
he took the Shimmer with him
but some don’t want it
without him
don’t believe it
cannot bear it
I must dance with the Serpent
to draw the Shimmer
back to me

and still…
the Shimmer calls my name
like Hochokan Wakan
the Sacred Mound
acknowledging me
Mutual Reverence
so I can begin
my Ceremony
of Life
even though
there is Thunder and Lightning
in the forecast
but no rain
Winged Ones
of Electric Current
clear my Vision
with the raw energy
from your Eye
so I can remember
the Shimmer
of the Unified Field
of me

quiet sunset
into retreat
Crying for the Dream
my only Hope
my early Joy
my Shimmer