day three
of meditation on shelled reptiles

I sang a song
on the wide-angled bridge

I didn’t know
it was coming
it was a love song
to Creation
the plants and trees
growing on this land
and in my body

to the Christed One
and his Bride
who is also me

to Tara
and her many faces
reminding me
I Am the One
I am Blessed
with the Great Commission
and the Vase of Compassion
sealed with a kiss
on my forehead

I sang
to the Elements
the holy Waters
and the Chariot of Fire
in the sky
the Iniayate
guarding the perimeter
of the salty pond
to the Breath
in the atmosphere
and in my belly
soothing the frightened ones
it’s too much
it’s not enough

I sang to them
and all the Ancient Ones
who guide and comfort me
the One with the Crown of Planets
who is really
the Tree of Light
what pleasure in that!

I sang a love song
and here’s the thing…
the smallest turtle
who sometimes smiles at me
swam right over
to that wooden bridge
I crouched down low
she came closer
and I sang
with all my Heart
and then I wept
and she praised me
for my courage
she reminded me
that I Am so loved
that my Love song
is actually being sung
to me
from the Spheres
from deep in the body
of the Mother

I once asked
the Wisdom Beings
what does the Song of Sophia
sound like?
and now they tell me,
you cannot know it
yet it emerges
from your own Purified Voice
from your own Inner Wisdom
and precious Heart Womb
when you least expect it
and I could see
that what they told me
was True
I Am Worthy
to sing the Song of Sophia
Icaro to All That Is
even when the demons
crowd close around me
and I start believing
the bad feelings that arise
after eating two eggs
fried without butter or salt

and this is my Salvation…
a single orange fish
slithering through
murky green water