I invite you into this deep Journey of intimacy with yourself… your Prayer is leading you here…
to the Medicine of your own True Essence…

HEALING with Catherine Fehrmann M.D.

Catherine Fehrmann M.D. is a physician, energy medicine practitioner, healer, shaman, teacher, poet, and mystic. She lives an inter-dimensional existence, receiving direct transmissions from a number of different Beings and wisdom streams. As well she has practiced Vajrayana (Tibetan) Buddhism for many years, and mentored with a somatic therapist / chi gong teacher/ Tibetan Buddhist lama for 25 years. Working directly to transform suffering and trauma in her mind, body, and life, as well as holding space for alchemical transformation in other realms, she is committed to embodying and teaching a View and practices which offer relief in a direct and practical way.

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TEACHINGS of Catherine Fehrmann M.D.

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