who am I then…?
without confusing myself
with the ones in need
the ones who feel deficient
who try to reference to a ghost
who am I then…?
in the center
of the blessing
in the center
of the three lineages
what will you show me?
what am I learning?
who I Am…
the skill with the stone jar
the obeisance at Your feet
the blessing of the Reindeer Spirit
jumping on the left side of my head
walking the Medicine Way
frog venom burned into my skin
who am I then…?
humble servant
simple robes
bejeweled Dakini
with bare breasts
who am I then…?
All for You
All for You
stinging tobacco up my nose
re-wire my brain
show me who I Am…
tender starlight
Medicine Woman
dust on my feet
dust on my bare feet
who am I then…?
Beloved of the Warrior
taking my vows
to irradiate the garden
with Blessings
with Love
to irradiate my People
and Anoint them
simple service
letting the pieces of the puzzle
fall into place
letting the Mystery
reveal itself
Your Mystery
and Mine
cog in the wheel
Brilliant Cog
in the Wheel of Life
show me my mission
teach me
the serving of the tea
teach me
deep listening
to the chimes of the Angels
so I can be
who I Am…
flesh and stardust
a colored and textured animation
of Spirit
a puddle of Devotion
to You
to Myself
the precious innards
You gave me to wear
who I Am…
my body
an instrument of song
a vehicle
of Remembrance
and Light
All for You
All for You
and the kitten seeking milk
the kitten seeking warm milk…

the Eye of the Storm
defines me
the Eye of the Needle
knows who I Am