when I let my Heart speak
it chokes
on its own tears
the wail
stuttering forth
the swallowed crow
of regret
of despair
when I let my Heart speak
it sings
a devotional chant
a passionate ode
to the Spheres
to You
when I let my Heart speak
a stream flows through
a cool stream
silver-tongued Deities ride
along the surface
in the depths
the words
are sounds
colored letters
in magical form
sprinkling my tongue
and the woodland creatures
my Love
my Lover
all my Beloveds
greet me
on the banks
when my Heart speaks
I drop to my knees
in the damp earth
I press my forehead
to the hem of Your gown
I am impassioned
by Your Face
the secret instructions
You whisper to me
I want to hear
every word
I want to sway my hips
to the twang of the strings
to the thump of the drum
when my Heart speaks
I know to pay attention
to rivet my focus
on the candied Nectar
the flow of candied Nectar
that waters my Soul
that nourishes my Activity
the moving of the pen
across the page
the carrying of the water pail
the caring for the wailing infant
when my Heart speaks
there is a gentle humming
and the flashing of a sword
no room for compromise
no time for misinterpretation
when my Heart speaks
I am the Lover
and the Beloved
the Mother and the child
the Prayer
and its Answer
when my Heart speaks
the road is clear
though it may be rutted
with potholes
that shake the rickety wheels
of my wagon
the Yes is Righteous
the No is Sacred
when my Heart speaks
it reassures me
with the caresses of Angels
with the strong hand
of the aproned Blacksmith
upon my back
when my Heart speaks
it says,
Go Forth, Daughter
You have Our Blessing
You Are the Blessing
and the Anointing
Do Your Business
Do not hesitate
Do not question your Worth
or your Ability
in the tasks you have chosen
for Yourself
in the tasks that your Soul
has chosen for You