I sip Stars 

through a straw

I bargain with the Sun

for more Love

more Love

in my heart

more Love

in my body

what do I have to offer

but the Horus made flesh?


the winter air

ruffles the green feathers

of the redwood and the pine

I saunter 

along the ridge

I descend

into Darkness

dark Moon

dark bliss

dark stain of madness

and longing

for now I know

the flash in the pan

crystalline flame

that consumes Everything

that will not be relegated

to the usual form

to the standard configuration

that makes sense



I sip Stars

through a straw

I bargain with the Moon

for more Love

more Love

in my heart

more Love

in my body

and She scoffs,

do not lower yourself to bargain

step mightily into the Godhead

the Godhead that You are

the Love that You already are

the Love that pours through your Being

as Blessing


the talons of the hawk

know no difference 

between the flesh on my back

and the closed shuttering

of the Heart

my preparation is complete

I still cannot bear to be shattered

into rainbows

into tiny fragments

that look like the teeth of the Wolf

and yet I still allow it

I have made the journey

into No-Thing

and not returned

I know Adoration

for myself

and for the Beloved

so breathtaking it has

re-named my Life

and re-woven my Dreams

I know the Love 

of the Queen of the Star Galaxy

for the humble woodsman

so tender

that it cannot be spoken


the crowing of the cock

spells Destiny

the golden lamplight

reveals the Union

I am ready