This morning I found a Force Field
around my heart
Pushing away
all that I long for, all that is good,
all that is Love
(or so I thought)
Along with the broken bones
from the sewer

I asked it, “Why?
Why would you do that,
and leave me here without Love or dignity,
without sustenance or anchor?”

It replied,
“Because I am an acorn,
a seagull,
the night sky,
I Am what you are seeking from a confused map
(Chicago instead of Kashmir),
and listening for in a mistaken language
(Dutch instead of Aramaic),
what you are hoping for
from all that is smaller, straighter,
and tighter than You/ Me
I am the Pushing Out
and the Calling In
I am the Other Face
of the great Hum-making Orange Tara
who draws other beings to you”

And I could see that She was right
and I wept for my foolishness
and struggled to keep from fainting
as she stepped inside my body
and stretched my Being until it burst
into a wild spattering of stars and diamonds