settling into Love
into being loved
how does it feel to be loved
for nothing?
no reason
except I am
I am human
no reason
except the stars
are out
in the night sky
in the hills by the park

a woman with curly hair
a thin silver rod through her left eyebrow
colored tattoos on both arms
said, without words
I’ll be the Mother
I’ll stroke your hair
kiss your face
keep your toes warm

three tall Wise Men
said, without words
I’ll be the Father
I’ll be solid and kind
I’ll stay at your side
at your back
I’ll watch over you
with a strong arm to steady you
and a fine mist
of rose petals
I’ll keep track of you
when you can’t
keep track of yourself

Plant Medicine
makes me sick
that huck-ing sound
in the back of my throat
aversion to the Mother
my mother
get out of my body
get out of my Soul
I am trapped in this loop
of disgust
desperately searching for God
but only Love can save me
and I can’t find it
I have to trust
that it will find me
that it will look for me
and it does
a warm hand
a sparrow’s nest
a tender yiddish lament
peculiar jovial songs in Spanish
that sound like they should be played
on accordions at a Mexican carnival
by cartoon men in big sombreros

Plant Medicine
brought me to Love
but not what I thought
not the way I wanted
but what do I know?
I could never imagine
it would show up like this
I could never imagine
it would show up like this