on this road
I walk barefoot
mud hard-packed
or soft and wet
rutted by wagon wheels
from centuries ago

on this road
tall buildings sometimes explode
and collapse
on my right
and great dark caverns gape open in the earth
on my left
the young ones are frightened
I take their hands and hold them close
looking to neither side
keeping my eyes only upon Yours

on this road
I see no Evil and speak no Evil
I listen for the silent song of the unicorns
and feel their warm breath
upon my neck
and that of the other strange creatures who nuzzle me
flowers bloom before me
and behind me
under my feet
I encounter rare Medicine
for giving away
as long as I steady my gaze
upon Your holy Face

on this road
I lead the dispossessed
though they don’t follow
I speak the Truth
but have no audience
and sometimes pressured slugs and snakes
try to issue forth from my throat
I trust the subterranean channels
of murmuring rustling sighing
to communicate the highest Order of things
while I can only see above-ground
what I want and what I don’t
which is largely ignored
and mostly obstacle
to Union

on this road
a man with supernaturally curly black hair
holds me while I weep
his eyes are tender
through the heavy black frames of his glasses
as he cups my face with his hands
he who hails from the land of my father
south of the equator
I am blessed by this privilege
but cannot question my Worthiness
or it all falls away

on this road
I sometimes ride a bicycle
with no hands
trusting the momentum to hold me upright
the colored letters and words
in magical language
pull me along briskly by a red satin cord
attached to my Heart

on this road
precious coins fall from the sky
in green velvet pouches with drawstrings
the young ones are elated
but I shush them with calming strokes
I listen closely to the breeze
and Your whisper in my ear
for instructions on the dispersal
of the Valuable Offering of silver and gold
tying only a small purse at my waist
for the needs of the Journey

on this road
the Lion and the Elephant accompany me
one on each side
the armies of invading enemies
scatter at the sight of them!
this is a rare thing
or so I am told by my Advisors
but I can’t pay too much attention
to all the excitement and glamour
I mind my own business
and steady my focus on the horizon
of crushed hues
lavender mist
Potent Love

on this road
having a lover is more about
letting him go
than having him
this is the prescient teaching
the preparation for All-Totality
without which I would be hopelessly lost
my mind longs to linger on his form
my fingers long to caress his skin
subtle delusion
or purest longing
either way
my heart breaks
along with the lie
like the shell of a raw egg
left on the stairs
and crushed under a heavy boot

on this road
all that’s left is the inner garden path
where the girl-child can grow up
and the Beloved fills me from within
with a searing pearly Light
soft brush of lips
on my secret recesses
and the easing of His tender Heart
into my delicate chambers