in the stillness my Heart says


stop the quarreling

the arguing with Nature

the arguing with God


it up


it away

let yourself collapse

into My Arms

let yourself rest

on this bed of roses

under this blanket

of kindness

under this blanket

of Grandmother Sky

in the stillness my Heart says

you belong

you belong to me

you belong to Us

the School of Mystery

the Masters of Diamond Light

there is no hiding

from Us

from yourSelf

no need to hide

We see you

We welcome

your Glory

and your broken bones

your Prayer

is Ours

we water your thirsty throat

we water your thirsty Soul

thirsty for your own Self

your own Passion

your own patterned Matrix

of expansion

of holding

your own Secret Love Potion

your own stable crossed Vajras

your own steady Lamplight

in the stillness my Heart says


hush now, child

All is Well

you can play in the woods

with the furry creatures

with the chirping birds

with your fairy friends

and human ones

my Heart says

Go Forth, 

Bright Light

Go Forth, 

barefoot Healer

bejeweled Dakini

your Journey continues

your Journey awaits

and a cozy cottage

a warm hearth

to come Home to

a hearty stew

for your supper

your steady Beloved

to embrace you