my greatest joy is
my life
feeling deeply
feeling the thrust
of the hurricane
feeling the force
of the tsunami
and shining my lantern there
gathering the reptiles
the spiders
the slugs
with their slimy extrusions and feeding them
hard-boiled eggs
gathering the flowers
pink lotus
red geraniums
lemon-yellow roses
inhaling their scents
brushing their silky flesh
across my cheek
my greatest joy is
healing touch
loving touch
cheeks pressed together
holding his hand
gathering her firm teenaged body
against me
my greatest joy is
words making Love
words skipping from my Heart
sung through my voice
my greatest joy is
seeing the Great Divide
looking into Your Benevolent Eyes
seeing Recognition
that You know me
and I know You
seeing Your Form
elegant hands
flowing robes
muscled Strength
my greatest joy is
bowing at Your feet
emptying myself out
for You
for Your Flow
of poetry and secret language
for Your Flow
of rose petals
of iridescent Radiance
teal blue
pearly white
pale pink like the dawn
my greatest joy is
my sorrow
broken Heart
broken Cup
path cleared
for insane Devotion
and Reverence
for You
for me
in my Heart
never look away
never forget
my greatest joy is
a day at the beach
Indian Summer
with my Beloved
a surprise wedding
banners flying
seagulls screeching
bitter medicinal herbs
absolute Silence
absolute Stillness
with a warm, pungent breeze
my greatest joy