in my Temple
I tremble and shake
I lay my forehead on the wooly rug
to receive Your Blessing
I let Your Love
pour through me
like bubblegum Light
like sparkling apple cider
in my Temple
I listen to the Stillness
to the whisper of your Voce
Your encouragement
I feel
Your hands in my body
cleansing soothing
pulling pushing
old noodles
of yesterday’s confusion
terrible sorrow
Angel Wings
holding me firmly
Mother Mary
my head in Your lap
and the Other Mary
Kali Ma
tongues of flame
dazzling wrath
Beloved Union
in my Temple
I break apart
again and again
I know these songs
I know this language
secret code in my Being
let the dust of Egypt
remind my electrons
let the files from before Time
show me
how to do this
how to do this
in a body
and work
and vacuum the floor
pay the bills
exotic training
plug me in
into the garden
and the broken-down car
into the soil and mucus
but never let me leave
my Temple
Holy of Holies
inform my Vision
You’re all here
in my Temple
my Teachers and Students
with fragrant Oils
my Brothers and Sisters
to hold my hand
my Grandmothers and Grandfathers
with warm patterned blankets
my Star Family
from Time out of Time
from across continents and galaxies
but here now
remind me of the language
re-train my tongue
my mind
show me how to Love
other humans
and myself
when the hatred arises
when the fear and envy arises
Vase of Compassion
Holy Waters
in my Temple
my body
I am humbled
I am humbled
by Your touch
by this Task
and that You Love me
beyond what I can imagine
in my Temple
I reference to Love
I reference to Compassion
I reference to No-Thing
the Tree of Life
up and down
upside down
what You taught me
now please help me
constant Guard
Medicine Buddhas
all seven
including the Pink One
thank You for teaching me
Warm Breeze in my lungs
Faithful Gestures in my belly
Cool Stream in my throat
Angel Wings in my brain
in my Temple
I can’t stop weeping
from sorrow
from Joy
from the moving through
of jealousy
which breaks my Heart
from the moving through
of grasping
of longing
of violent pounding
of rejection
in my Temple
All is Sacred
All is Welcome
though sometimes it feels
like I will never recover
in my Temple
It’s already Here
It’s already Done
Innocent Heart
how could I be so lucky?
how could I be so lucky?

in my Temple