I Love
the faces of God
the costumes and celebrations
of God
the look of God
the Prayer
the smell of the Prayer
tobacco and Agua de Florita
I Love
the sound of God
the words of God
I Love
the expression of language
the use of words
to express feeling
to teach the Dharma
to share my Love
I Love
making love
making love
to a man I Love
with a man I Love
a man whose Soul I Love
whose body I Love
the smell of his skin
the curve of his thigh
his fingernails
and toenails
I Love
healing touch
loving touch
touching foreheads
the touch of God
I Love
and movement
the movement of Light
through my body
the Passion
of the dance
of the Heart
of the Erotic
and the lithesome Dakini
I Love
the way it works
diamond brilliance
in service to the body
in service to the Heart
and God
in service
to relieving suffering
and mine
I Love
warmth and sunlight
on my skin
in my belly
in my brain
I Love
deep stillness
the relaxation of God
the portal into Mystery
I Love
my daughters
and their brave mother
their dear courageous mother
who did her best
who did her best
to not pass on
the violence
the neglect
the bitter hatred
of mothers and fathers
husbands and wives
daughters and sons
and all human beings
each for the other
I Love
my daughters
their sassy Aliveness
their bright faces
and loyal hearts
their Love
for each other
their plan
for matching tatoos
a fluffy Japanese woodland spirt
who roars
a big one for the older
and a small one for the younger