I sit in stillness
cross-legged in the dirt
at the base of the fiery mountain
Are the gods pleasantly smiling or in a fury today?

Scalding sunlight sears the surface of the innocent green leaves
ah yes, an eruption is brewing…

Terrified mothers clutch their teething babies
a black umbrella will not staunch the flow

Sweet birds whisper in their secret language
unconcerned, unsullied

I love the crunch of dried leaves under my shoes
and the tender saunter of the innocent creek
That bright water cools the underbelly of the fanged beast

Slowly, slowly kiss the Genie
His breath will surely kill you
or cause an internal combustion of Great Bliss

The rocks are mossy and afraid
where will they sit upon the earth?

Great wooden beams hold up the sky
courtroom of the gods’ deliberation

The ashes finally settle with intimate sorrow
for the passing of the hour and the day

Tinkling children emerge, their sing-songing laughter
flies to the edge of the cosmos
ripening a single brilliant apple
The starving and the beaten line up
to receive such astonishing nourishment

Where is my Love?
inside a single teardrop
inside a rich castle
but Uncovered by the Elements

There is enough for All
not too much
just enough
to fill the belly of an earthworm, or a graven King

Bow down to No One

Bow down to the children and the leaves and the earthworm
Bow down to the paupers and the assassins
Bow down to the silver chain, and the leather whip
Bow down to the butcher from Poland, and the pianist from Iowa,
by way of South America

the rotting tree stump knows its kind
the heated pool lies fallow, its waters unruffled
the drone of the air is empty
the murderer and the Saint share one face

Bow down to No One