Blessed Be
the Light
the twilight
the poor brown dog
too many times
Innocent Heart
Innocent Heart
in shock

Blessed Be
the kisses on the head
the kisses on the head
of the poor brown dog
the stroking of his long papery ears
his sad eyes linger
on my face
as my eyes linger
on Yours
his wet chin heavy
upon my lap

Blessed Be
the Peacemakers
making Peace
inside my heart
inside his heart
the Lantern-Carriers
the hunchbacked Holy Men
the Fairy Children
who sprinkle stardust
and tiny confections

Blessed Be
my friends
my simple friends
my revered Sisters
and Brothers
who hold my hand
who flirt with me
from across the room
the wink of an eye
a secret smile
a nod to Devotion
the unspoken Prayer

Blessed Be
the Hawk Medicine
calling from the sky
everywhere I go
it seems
He’s here
He’s there
taking the Long View
sighting the Miracles
before they appear
sighting the Miracles
I am instructed
to allow

Blessed Be
the Rainmakers
water from the clouds
water from my Heart
tears from my eyes
a nod
to the centuries
a nod
to the gouges
from certainty
from the repetitive certainty
of suffering

Blessed Be
the Water
washing my interior
scouring the insides
of my cells and bones
scouring the skeleton
of my Memory of Sorrow
erasing the thinking
this is all there is
scraping the daemon of Badness
off the windowpane
of my Soul
like scraping over-cooked egg
off the bottom
of the frying pan

Blessed Be
my Love for you
my Love for You
my Love for the Reindeer
and the Eskimo
my Love for the Saint
and the barren heathen
wandering ancient shores
my Love for the Lilliputian
and the poor brown dog

Blessed Be