God In The Body Teachings


The All-Embracing Path of Awakening Consciousness, Healing Trauma, and Embodying Unconditional Self-Love


A 9-month course with Catherine Fehrmann M.D.

January thru September 2022

The Prayer for what you will receive from these teachings:


~ coming into a more direct knowing of your spiritual essence

~ deepening of your spiritual practice independent of specific spiritual lineage or with integration of your devotion to multiple lineages

~ relief from your suffering in physical symptoms or somatic manifestations, in relationships or life circumstances, or with addiction or trauma

~ birthing of a spirituality which frees you in a practical way from your suffering and enriches your life in a body on Mother Earth, working with the mind, emotions, and nervous system


January – Form and Formless

~ you remember how birthing into the human vehicle happens from the womb of the Creator God, through your subtle bodies and energy centers and ultimately into the frequency of your electrons and into the nervous system….this lays the groundwork for understanding how to fully embody your Divinity

February – The Luminous Ones

~ you remember your connections to the Luminous Ones, subtle energy deities, and Light and Earth Spirits, who exist independently and as reflections of your own Divinity… this reminds you how to invoke and utilize their support and Unconditional Love…

March – The Face of Your Suffering

~ you learn how to recognize your suffering while it is happening and how to get close to it and respond in a way that frees it and you

April – Making the Prayer

~ you learn how to make a Prayer for your Life out of the longing of your heart, as a reflection of your aspirations and intention….and how to use the Prayer to invoke the support you need and to align yourself so that suffering can pass through you

May – Containment: The Embrace

~ you come to understand the essential nature of conveying to your system, body-mind-heart, that it is held, while consciousness is awakening, and suffering and ‘arisings’ are passing through…and how to do that

June – Discharge: The Flow

~ you learn how to let the river of Life move through your body-mind-heart — sensations, thoughts, feelings, memories, energetic and emotional ‘charge’, as well as shakti, life force, and frequencies of all kinds

July – Meeting the Unmet Need

~ you come to know the razor’s edge of unconditionally responding to your own human need that arises and tugs at you, while staying completely aligned with the clear seeing and steadiness of your Divinity

August – Nectar Medicine

~ you remember how to be fully alive in the body, and awake with all the energies that want to move through you, including pleasure, bliss, and sexual arisings…you learn how to use these energies to nourish yourself, and to discharge or recirculate them as appropriate

September – Becoming the Blessing

~ you remember how to be wholly human and absolutely Divine, beyond all duality, concepts, and circumstances…and how to bless others and all of Life through your Beingness

Catherine Fehrmann M.D. is a physician, energy medicine practitioner, healer, shaman, teacher, poet, and mystic. She lives an inter-dimensional existence, receiving direct transmissions from a number of different Beings and wisdom streams. As well she has practiced Vajrayana (Tibetan) Buddhism for many years, and mentored with a somatic therapist / chi gong teacher/ Tibetan Buddhist lama for 25 years. Working directly to transform suffering and trauma in her mind, body, and life, as well as holding space for alchemical transformation in other realms, she is committed to embodying and teaching a View and practices which offer relief in a direct and practical way.


2-hour teaching and practice session
– twice per month via Zoom
– 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month at noon PT
– first class January 9, 2022

– individual sessions are available upon request for an additional fee

Recordings of zoom teaching and practice sessions


Full Payment
$1700 for entire course, paid prior to first class

Early Bird Price
$1300 before December 1, 2021


Registration open until second class session
Email me with your interest in taking the course, and we will schedule a brief phone conversation to discuss your intentions, mutual resonance, and registration details

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